Skagit County Buddy Walk—A Great Leo Adventure!

by admin on January 12th, 2010

BuddyWalk 5


Every year we go on the Skagit County Buddy Walk— it is hosted by a group called Parent 2 Parent and is in support of Down Syndrome children and their families. This year I opted to take Jed. Not only would it be a fantastic opportunity to socialize Jed but the event would be a great chance to act as a Leo ambassador.

Jed was fantastic. Initially he thought the live band was too loud but he settled right in. He was a calm, gentle soul— kind and tolerant of all the children who clearly couldn’t resist a big hairy puppy. For any dog he did well, considering he is a 9 month puppy he did phenomonally!! Not only did he take the noise, crowds, wheelchairs, ballons and blanket toss in stride, he tolerated the children groping and tugging on him with grace. He was a testiment to the Leonberger breed.

Anyone else have any great Leo Adventures??? Send them on in! Share your good times. It can be a great way to give the rest of us ideas on new things to do and places to go with our Leos.


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