Elected and Appointed Positions

President - Elected Position

Erin Fischer  |  Eastern Washington  |  253.261.8888  |  email: Erin

I've been involved in the Leonberger world for about 6 years now and a member of the LCNW and LCA for 5 years. I currently have two females, Storm and Brook, as well as four Newfoundlands. I simply love the breed and the people involved with these special dogs. I enjoy the working side of our dogs and train and compete in both water rescue and draft as well as some obedience and rally. I'm so excited to be involved this year as the club president and look forward contributing in as many ways as I can during my time on the board. Welcome to all who stop to check out our page and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, stories and suggestions! We love to hear from you!

Treasurer - Elected Position

Junko Ferguson  |  Bellevue, WA  |  206.619.5786  |  email: Junko
The treasurer manages the financial aspects of the club. I complete and file all club regulartory paperwork such as taxes, licenses, etc. and work with the board to develop the annual budget and track income and expenses.

Secretary - Elected Position

Lise (pronounced like "Lisa") Brandhagen  |  Seattle, WA  |  email: Lise
I joined the LCA and LCNW in 2009 after bringing home our first Leo from Glen & Junko Ferguson (they told us it's a lifestyle - don't tell Glen he's right).  Since 2013, with the goal of engaging and informing members, I have created content and moderated the LCNW Facebook page with Maria Nelson.  
My husband and I are constantly amused by our two Leonbergers: Early Winters Autumn Leaves (Lucy - a long-distance swimming, fetching, singer-berger) and Desperados Go Ahead Make My Day (Ellis - a sofa/hind-end sitting, galumphing, sucky-berger).  Lucy lying down in the ring with "Auntie" Beth O'Connor at the 2013 National Specialty remains one of my favorite moments as a leo owner.  Tell me about your Leos most disgusting, abused, falling apart, cant live without, beloved toy.  Also, I won't say no to a Disney vacation.

Member-at-Large - Elected Position

Debbie Rhodes |  North Central Montana  |  email: Debbie
I got my first Leo almost 6 years ago and I have been crazy about her, the breed and the people who own them ever since. I spend my time in North Central Montana, playing with my 3 Leo girls, Gemma, Joy, and Raina, and my crazy Doberman boy, Kato and creating artisan jewelry from metals and gemstones. I am so happy to serve on the board of the LCNW and I truly appreciate every chance I get to spend time with the club members and their wonderful Leos (and other dogs too!).

Member-at-Large - Elected Position

Christina Vitazko-Merten  |  Astoria, OR  |  email: Christina
I've been a long time Leonberger lover, and joined the LCA and LCNW in 2013. My husband and I got our first Leo, a male puppy named Gulliver from Lori at Desperado Leonbergers, in the Fall of 2013 and he has brought us so much joy ever since. We have since added another wonderful male Leo pup named Murphy from MaryAnn at Vom SanftenLoewen. Now we couldn't imagine life without one of these big sweet dogs! The rest of our family consists of a fabulous rescued Border Collie mix named Sadie, two grumpy cats, and two loud birds. My husband and I enjoy participating in Leo social events with our dogs, and the occasional dog show. My adult Leo Gulliver is a registered Pet Partners Therapy Dog, and we have fun volunteering at the local hospital together. I'm looking forward to helping the club succeed in the future, and getting to know more awesome Leo lovers.  

Director of Shows - By Special Appointment

Lori Taft  |  Arlington, WA  |  360.435.2026  |  email: Lori
I am the primary organizer of our club shows, with help from the board, of course. I am also responsible for club merchandise—check 'em out!

Webmaster - By Special Appointment

Maria Nelson  |  Seattle, WA  |  206.380.0959  |  email: Maria
I am responsible for the design and maintenance of the Leonberger Club of the Northwest website.

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