As the LCA's first and largest Regional Club, we are blessed with many fine breeders that are committed to what is best for the breed.
They are an excellent resource if you have questions about the breed or your dog.

Desperado Kennel
By Lori Taft, Arlington, WA
Desperado Kennel Website
email: Desperado Kennel

Early Winters Kennel
By Glen & Junko Ferguson, Bellevue, WA
email: Early Winters Kennel

El Dorado
By Pat McDaniel, Portland, OR
El Dorado Website
email: El Dorado Leonbergers

Flyin' Lions Kennel
By Tobi Smith & Martin Kellner, Aldergrove, BC
email: Flyin' Lions Kennel

Frayley's Kennel
By Michelle Davis & Jerry Smith, Arlington, WA
Frayley's Kennel Website
email: Frayley's Kennel

Great Northern Leonbergers Kennel
By Peggy Atchley, Big Fork, MT
Great Northern Leonbergers Website
email: Great Northern Kennel

Happy Tails Kennel
By Margot Schmidt, Medford, OR
email: Happy Tails Kennel

High Hopes Kennel
By Erin Fischer, Clayton, WA
High Hopes Kennel Website
email: High Hopes Kennel

Kamenah Leonbergers Kennel
By Juanita Allen, Chewelah, WA
Kamenah Leonbergers Kennel Website
email: Kamenah Leonbergers

Legendary Leonberger Kennel
By Shelli Sinclair-Wood, Rathdrum, ID
Legendary Leonbergers website
email: Legendary Leonberger Kennel

Lowenhohle Kennel
By Julie Schaffert, Langley, BC
Løwenhohle Kennel Website
email: Lowenhohle Kennel

Lucky Dog Kennel
By Georgia Towle and Patty Greeny, Chimicum, WA
email: Lucky Dog

Panthera Leonbergers Kennel
By Ginny Bartholomay, Bigfork, MT
Panthera Leonbergers Website
email: Panthera Leos Kennel

v. sanftenLoewen Kennel
By Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith, Orofino, ID
v. sanftenLoewen website
email: v. sanftenLoewen Kennel

v. sanftenLoewen Kennel
By Carl Bodenstein, Spokane, WA
v. sanftenLoewen website
email: v. sanftenLoewen Kennel

Seelowen Kennel
By Cindy Koppen, Powell River, BC
Seelowen Kennel website
email: Seelowen Kennel

Starfire Kennel
By Julia Pitner, Marysville, WA
email: Starfire Kennel

Tir na nOg Kennel
By Jennifer & Mark Richardson, Maple Valley, WA
email: Tir na nOg Kennel

Windancer Leos Kennel
By Betsy Carmona, Poulsbo, WA
Windancer Leos Kennel Website
email: Windancer Leos Kennel

Winterfell Leos Kennel
By Debbie Rhodes, Belt, MT
email: Winterfell Leos Kennel