Our club would not be where it is today without the dedication and generousity of our many past presidents and board members. Thanks to all who have gone before us, but special thanks to those below:

Mary Decher
One of the founding members of the LCA, and a very experienced breeder, and sometimes judge—we are honored to have Mary's wisdom and experience with us still. Mary was the leader of our NW group (and founding member) from 1985-1998. There were no formal officers at that time.

Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith
In 1998, the LCNW became the first LCA regional club. The first organizational meeting was held at Lake Sammamish State Park in August of 1998. Mary Ann Ruggiero Smith was elected our first president. Today Mary Ann remains active in the club and is one of our most experienced breeders.

Glen Ferguson
Glen was elected President in 1999 and has stayed very involved with the club at both the regional and the national level. Glen wrote our Constitution and ByLaws. Glen is a retired co-chair of the Governance Committee.

Fran Montgomery
Fran served as president in 2001.

Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer served as the president from 2002 to 2005. She was instrumental in setting up the monthly Leo Walks, herding days, and many other social events with our Leos.

Val Beard
Val served as president from 2006 to 2007. Under her leadership the club has grown to a whole new level.

Alida Comtois
Alida was Treasurer for many years and became one of the club's most highly respected breeders. She lives in New Jersey now but remains with us in northwest spirit.

Carole Goldberg
Carole served as Treasurer for 8 years straight, retiring in 2004. Carole's dedication to the breed is obvious to all who know her and her attention to detail has served the club well.

Alina Wilson
Alina has been secretary of the club for many years and remains an active volunteer.

Pierre LeMaitre & Don James
Both Members-at-Large who have served the club well. And many others have shared their heart and generoursly given their time on behalf of the dogs we all love. We appreciate all those who have gone before.