A BACL is a Breeding Assessment Check List Evaluation

It is a tool the LCA uses to give your dog a rating based on twelve areas including health, conformation, and temperament. The dogs are given a rating based on their score. This rating, and the detailed feedback is used by breeders to select a dog that compliments the bitch for the betterment of the breed.

There are four category ratings a dog may fall into:

Category I Breedable - A dog which shows good conformation, sound movement, correct type and good temperament, and is of the proper breeding age.

Category II Breedable with Conditions - A dog that shows one or more of the following faults; the dog is of proper breeding age and is breedable with conditions set by the LCA. Category II faults are:

Category III: Not Ratable - e.g. under age, missing paperwork

Category IV: Unbreedable - A dog which shows one or more of the following faults:

With Category I and II the dog is given a rating of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. Leonbergers rating Excellent or Very Good are generally considered good choices to include in a breeding program. Leonbergers rated good may have traits that would benefit the gene pool and may be carefully mated to Excellent or Very Good Leonbergers, never doubling up on the faults. Leonbergers rated Fair or Poor should be bred only with extreme care. The breeder must seriously consider if the dog would be adding something worthwhile to the gene pool. However, if bred, should only be bred to excellent mates, considering the betterment of the breed. The requirements for getting a BACL done are:

Before submitting for a rating:

Young dogs tend to change a lot in the first 2-3 years of their life. You can repeat the BACL Evaluation at any time if you feel the changes are significant. You must again pay the evaluation fee.

Although it is sometimes hard to hear contructive criticism on your precious dog, the BACL process is meant to be positive and educational. The many BACL Examiners and Apprentices donate a lot of time out of love for the breed and they do their best to be fair. They are, however, just as "faulted" as our Leos. You will be asked to fill out a feedback form on the evaluation process and the examiner to help provide constructive feedback for improvement.